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Tegenlicht MeetUp Wednesday September 28 in Amsterdam about persuasion marketing (in Dutch)
What was interesting to notice in the discussion on Wednesday is not only the tremendous but also societal interest in ethical research design (the room was completely booked out a week in advance), but also the fact that companies are increasingly aware of the importance of research ethics. What seems to happen is that some, the more responsible ones, are experimenting with ways of introducing some ethics assessment, guidelines, committees (booking.com really interesting example, by the way) but these are usually micro-initiatives. The result is that each company is developing its own ethics, most of them not very transparent (like the workings of the news ethics committee of Facebook).
If part of ethical research is also transparency and accountability, this is a potentially problematic development, or, formulated in opportunities: a possible added value of Responsible Data Science, also for the development of Big Data research ethics in companies.